L’Institut des Neurosciences Paris-Saclay (Neuro-PSI) recrute un scientifique de renommée internationale pour le poste de directrice/directeur avec prise de fonction au 1er janvier 2020.

3 au 6 mars 2018

We gladly invite you to shape European psychiatry and the programme of EPA 2018, the 26th European Congress of Psychiatry in Nice, France 3-6 March 2018.

IBPS Summer School on Optical Biosensors
Dates: August 27 - September 2, 2017, in Paris, France
Deadline for application: April 30th, 2017.

This satellite meeting of the ISN/ESN joint meeting will focus on recent developments in the field of CNS and PNS myelin biology.

A one-week course intended for PhD students and clinicians both in France and overseas who are seeking to develop knowledge and experience in the field of Translational Psychiatry.

Symposium on Metabolic and redox interactions between neurons and astrocytes in health and disease à Salamanque, Espagne, du 26-28 Juin 2017.

Le programme 2016-2017 du cycle de conférences de la Fondation Fondamental est en ligne.